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AET Assist Drillmec company to sell 25 automatic hydraulic drilling rigs for the CMB industry in China, and the sales amount more than 39 million U.S. dollars.

April 2011, AET as Drillmec's agent in China region, who assists Italian Drillmec company to sale 25 units of G75 series hydraulic rigs in China, and the sales amount of up to 43 million U.S. dollars. This rig application is particular suitable for exploring the CBM gas and shale gas specially need to employ the horizontal/directional wells drilling. This model of drilling rig is the best option in the CBM and shale gas industry in China both in terms of price performance and technology capability. 

The drilling depth of Drillmec G75 automatic hydraulic drilling rig makes up for gaps in the market, which adapts to a wider range of operating environments, as the high-tech product to leading the industry trends.

Main features for this Rig

  • Underbalance Drilling Capability

  • Snubbing Devices as Anti-buckling and Hold Down Slips

  • Equipped with Top Drive System for Safety & Fast Drilling Capability

  • Up to 30 metric tons ( 66,000 lbs.) push down force

  • 70% of drilling program with no people on drill floor and safely operating from the doghouse

  • Web Connection and TV Cameras for data retrieving from the rig