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It’s now my third season at South China, and I think we all agree that the team is making positive progress with winning the Community Cup. A good start is half way to success; I believe that it won’t be long until South China becomes a dominant force in Hong Kong football again. We now have six consecutive wins, which is the top performance since the start of the season.

When I took charge in 2014, I set three strategic goals for South China: Internationalisation, Sunshine football and Mission-driven. The Lunar New Year Cup last season was our first step towards Internationalisation, with twenty thousand spectators and almost eight hundred thousand viewers catching the game. I care deeply about youth football, and it is our commitment towards the future of Hong Kong football.

I am very proud of the team’s performance at the AFC Cup last season. Seven consecutive victories in the Cup (all of six group matches, and one in the last 16) which was first achieved by an East Asian FC, is a record that is hard to break. I hope we can do better this season at the AFC Cup, and better than our semi-finals run in 2009.

With your support, we can achieve great things in the years ahead. Let us remember our Club slogan: Champion Together, for South China, for Hong Kong.