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Sevan Drilling 2nd Ultradeep Water Offshore Mobile Drilling Unit Naming Ceremony

AET & Liebherr have been invited by COSCO & Sevan Drilling for the naming ceremony in COSCO QiDong Shipyard for Sevan Drilling 2nd Ultradeep Water (for 3000M water depth) Offshore Mobile Drilling Unit on Nov 3, 2011. This new Ultra Deep Water Offshore Mobile Drilling Unit named as "SEVAN BRASIL" and will be working for a 6 years drilling service contract for Petrobras in the Ultra Deep water sector of Brasil. This new design of Cylindrical, high technology Ultra Deep Water Drilling Unit was the 2nd units that have built by COSCO QiDong Offshore Engineering shipyard. AET/Liebherr was selected as qualified vendor to supply the high quality 100 ton offshore cranes for the 1st & 2nd units, and also signed the contracts for 3rd and 4th offshore cranes to be supplied to the further rig sets.