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The replacement of opponent for China National football match in Xi’an.

Unexpected changes in Paraguay Football Association


2012 08 16 01:12 Sina Sports blog

On the August of 15 the national team match took place in the ancient city of Xi'an. Shaanxi fans brought lots of enthusiasm to the Northwest and created a very hot-spirited atmosphere. What is more, after a long time the national football team returned to Xi'an and played against powerful African team of Ghana. In fact, Paraguay which was originally-planned opponent for this game is even stronger and entered South Africa 2010 World Cup quarterfinals. Unfortunately, due to unexpected changes in Paraguay Football Association senior leadership, the coach was also replaced, which caused Paraguay team cancelled their trip to Xi'an.

In fact, China National team VS Paraguay National team match was arranged long time ago, Paraguay showed brilliant performance during World Cup in South Africa, not only occupied first place in the qualifying group stage, but also prevented Japanese team from entering the quarterfinals, and then by a score of 0-1 Spain eventually won the World Cup, that is why China National team coach was also very willing to play a friendly match with Paraguay.

It is worth mentioning that Wallace Cheung, Managing Director of AET (ASIA) LIMITED which is the long-term sponsor of Paraguay National team said: “AET (ASIA) LIMITED is Hong Kong-based enterprise, I am of Chinese origin, as the long-term sponsor of the Paraguay National team I would like to bring the conception of foreign football to China, in particular, the South American one. That is why the company would like to arrange Chinese team to play international friendly match with Paraguay, and both sides have already confirmed to have a match on the August 15th, in Xi'an, China. But one month ago no one expected a sudden change in the Paraguayan Football Association senior leadership as well as national team coach replacement, all these unexpected factors make impossible for team to follow the original plan to come to China, which is indeed very regrettable thing.”


Wallace Cheung said: “Although the Paraguay National team did not come to China this time, AET (ASIA) LIMITED will always cooperate with the Chinese National team and will continue to support it. In the future AET will bring South American advanced football conception to China by other means, such as South American good players, good coaches introduced to China, opening of football schools, all these programs are already planned.”