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June 20,2014 SingTao Daily-Exclusive Interview with Dr. Wallace Cheung


20th June 2014 Friday

The Business Strategy of South China Football Club’s New Convenor -Success in All Aspects in South America

He has a friendship with Former Paraguay president Mr. Lugo, the powerful Ecuadorian football team- Cuenca is his "friend", who is he? He is the new convenor of South China Football Club, who operating oil business. How to operate everything so smooth in South America? Mr. Wallace Cheng said-- all started by football.

In 2008, Mr. Wallace Cheung stepped in Paraguay and met current president of Paraguay, Mr. Lugo. The reason for Mr. Wallace Cheung to explore the South American market is that he is operating oil business; there are oil and gold mines in Paraguay whereas there are oil businesses in Ecuador.

South America’s expert, Mr. Cheung said that everything related to South America is because of FOOTBALL, “South American is passionate of football that if you wish to operate any business with them, you need to have a high level of understanding of South America, and have a certain level of knowledge with football. In 2010, he operated with Paraguay FA by sponsoring Paraguay national football team exclusively under the title of AET (Asia) Limited; and hence It contributed to the visit of Paraguay to Hong Kong at the same time. On 17th November 2010, it brought an opportunity for Hong Kong team to have competition with this South Africa World Cup quarterfinals football team- Paraguay National Football Team.

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Wallace Cheung brought Hong Kong Citizen Football Club and Cuenca

In the beginning of this year, Mr. Wallace Cheung brought Cuenca Football club and Citizen Football Club into cooperation. They jointly won the 2014 Lunar New Year Cup in Hong Kong. He said: "I invited the director of Cuenca to watch Lunar New Year Cup. They praised that Hong Kong is a prosperous city. They brought the trophy back to Ecuador. Now the South China Football Club needs some new energy to reinforce their overall strength for the new season, Cuenca will help us to seek the players. Although Switzerland has made the last minute kill to Ecuador, Mr. Wallace Cheung said Ecuador is a dark horse in this year’s World Cup.

Born in the last century sixty’s to eighty’s Mr. Wallace Cheung, greatly appreciate the French leader, who won three Football Golden Globes award Michel Platini. His most profound memory was the 1986 World Cup “France Vs Brazil” classic match.

Eighty’s was the world’s one of the most glorious age, numerous  classic stars like Diego Maradona and Ruud Gullit were active in that time. Mr. Wallace Cheung recalled he likes Michel Platini and “Holland Three Musketeers” very much. In addition to their be profuse in praise, the most memorable match was 1986 World Cup finals: “a war between France and Brazil, is the best demonstration of skillful football, in the ninety minutes match, the ball was kept within the field for 80% of total time, it was the classic of classic. “

Ma Yun spent one billion two hundred million RMB in Guangzhou Hengda football club, lead to great repercussions. Mr. Wallace Cheung refers to the Hong Kong football cannot put on a par with mainland football career at the moment. The primary goal is to play well with other teams to enhance the image of Hong Kong football.

For Ma's rival, same businessmen Mr. Wallace Cheung believes that Hong Kong football is still like a baby. They need to grow slowly, to enhance player image and skills and to attract the audience. These are the ways to attract more business sponsorship. While become the new convenor of South China Football club, Mr. Wallace Cheung grew up in Hong Kong; there is a kind of love to Hong Kong Football. He is hoping to contribute to society: "South China Football Club is the trademark of local football; hope the good performance of the team can bring Hong Kong Football back to prosperity.”