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31st January 2014 (Elimination Game) and 3rd February 2014 (Champion Game): Hong Kong

“2014 Lunar New Year AET Cup Football Tournament " was sponsored by AET. It was the first event carried out by Commission on Poverty under the social caring scheme of “BlessHK” led by Ms. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Secretary for Administration.  The goal of “BlessHK” was to promote poverty alleviation with the spirit of helping each other, and to further consolidate the cooperation among government, business sectors, and local citizens through various activities in Hong Kong.

The title sponsor, Dr. Wallace Cheung, Chairman of AET (Asia) Limited and Chairman of Hong Kong Citizen Football Team, sent 8,000 admission tickets to local Hong Kong low-income households through Commission on Poverty in order to encourage low-income households to watch this high-level football tournament during Chinese New Year. The aim of this action was to encourage the union of society and establish the spirit of helping the poor.

During the awards ceremony of AET Cup, Ms. Ki Manfung, vice-president of Commission on Poverty in Hong Kong, received free tickets from Dr. Wallace Cheung, Chairman of AET (Asia) Limited and President of Hong Kong Citizen FC, and Mr. Pui, President of Hong Kong Citizen Sport Club.

On 31st January 2014, Ms. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Secretary for Administration and president of Commission on Poverty (middle) attended the opening ceremony and made an address of BlessHK and Lunar New Year AET Cup.

On 31st January 2014, Dr. Wallace Cheung, chairman of Citizen Football Club, title sponsor and chairman of AET (Asia) Limited (left 2) took photo, made promotion for the match and held drawing game with Ms. Grace Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2013 Champion/ Miss Chinese International Pageant 2014 Champion (right 2), Ms. Tammy Ou-Yang, Miss Friendly 2013 (right 1) and Mr. Eric Chung, TVB senior football match commentator (left 1).

On 31st January 2014, group photo of Ecuadorian and Russian ambassadors with Citizen Cuenca United Football Team (Hong Kong/ Ecuador) and Krylia Sovetov Samara FC (Russia).

Historic Moment

1.The attendance figures was the highest among the last 7 years. The first time a home team (Hong Kong Citizen Cuenca United Football Team) won the title.

2.During the low ebb of Hong Kong football scene, this event was held in order to bring back energy and enthusiasm to the football world; hence to take Hong Kong football world out of the low ebb. Concern was not for the cost, but to share the joy with everyone. The latest Miss Hong Kong champion came to the stadium to play the drawing game with the audience. The stadium was quickly filled with a festive atmosphere. This became the largest live broadcast event in the history of TVB.

3.This year’s Lunar New Year Cup has the strongest football team, compared to the previous. The four teams involved come from 3 continents, 4 countries. Their strengths were evenly balanced to ensure that every match would be a tough match. The Hong Kong Citizen Cuenca United Football Team has the attitude of harmony and cooperation; they never give up or let their spirits down, showing the spirit of Hong Kong. Mr. Wallace Cheung has been unprecedented successful in his coordination and planning.

Building international friendship through football matches

Another core value of Dr. Wallace Cheung and AET (Asia) Limited is their commitment to participate in the Hong Kong football sport. The spirit of "achieve the international level, compete with international friendship" has promoted the harmonious development of Hong Kong and the world economy, culture exchanges, contribute its strength. The four teams invited to participate in the AET cup are from Asia, Europe and South America, four teams representing four outlet in 2014 Brazil World Cup finals country. AET cup has become a small outpost world cup.

On 3rd February 2014, group photo of Dr. Wallace Cheung, Chairman of AET (Asia) Limited and President of Hong Kong Citizen FC (right one), local HK citizen (right two), Mr. KK Cheung, famous artist (left two), and Mr. Pui Kwun Ki, chairman of Citizen Sport Club (left one) after drew for the grand award.

On 3rd February 2014, group photo of Hong Kong Citizen Cuenca United Football Team and Dr. Wallace Cheung, Chairman of AET (Asia) Limited and President of Hong Kong Citizen FC, after the team became champion.